Masters of the universe -Beast Man (Classics, re-release)

Still in its original white mailer, White box has been opened only to ensure that package and figure are in excelent condition. pictures of figure inside box taken from internet- you are bidding on a never opened in excellent condition beasman action figure. !
Like Skeletor without his right hand man, no Masters of the Universe collection is complete without the powerfully savage Beast Man! This fan-favorite character returns for those who missed him the first time he was offered. The figure is identical to the initial release, but the package has an added "The Original" burst to the front. Includes his trusty whip and removable classic armor.

Beast Man Bio

Real Name: Raqquill Rqazz

After being banished from his home in the Vine Jungle, the beast man named Raqquill Rqazz joined up with a young alchemist named Keldor during a skirmish in the Berserker Islands. Like others of his race, Rqazz has the ability to control beasts and monsters. He currently uses this particular talent as chief henchmen to Skeletor, the Overlord of Evil.