Match Up Zone, Switching Man to Man Defense, Rick Pitino DVD

I have a Great Coaching DVD Colection for you! Well worth over $175.00 new. The TCU ZONE PACKAGE IS GREAT and done by thier coaching staf, not a clinic! Thanks for Looking.



Check out the link for the TCU A)1-2-2, B)3-2 Match Zone, C)1-3-1 Zone /products


Man-to-Man Defense Featuring Switching

Wisconsin-Green Bay Associate Head Coach Mike Divilbiss teaches man-to-man defense in the half-court that features the element of switching all screens. The DVD begins with defensive fundamentals for close outs and shell drill. This systems pushes the ball to the baseline and uses the shell drill to help teach the mental transitions from ball side to weak side. The switching element of the defense is emphasized in the four-out shell drill. The keys to switching are coming together, talking it and switching it. Screens are switched to deny. Divilbiss finishes the DVD with a rebounding drill and transition defense. Running Time: 54 Minutes. 2011.


Rick Pitino Basketball Fundamentals

Improve your offensive game with the help of one of the most brilliant minds in coaching. Learn practice techniques that will help you perfect your offensive moves from America's premier college basketball coach, Rick Pitino. The techniques are demonstrated
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