Matchbox Lesney-Pointer 8 Wheel Tipper-No. 51-Boxed

You will soon be bidding on a Lesney Matchbox No. 51-C-4 "Pointer" 8-Wheel Tipper with an original box from 1969. This truck is in good shape (this is not an official rating). It has black regular wheels (Hard plastic disc). The windows are tinted blue and t is no interior by design. The paint is in good condition with only a few chips or flecks, mainly on the edges, upon close inspection. This toy has been carefully stored away for many, many years and was very carefully played with, if at all. It has been treated very carefully and tenderly like the treasure that it is. This vintage toy truck will display well in your collection and is sure to bring many compliments from your friends. The box is equally nice with only minor crushing. This is the type F design from the regular wheel era boxes of 1953-1969. Please study the photos well. It has been described well and is sold as is. Please consider insurance. Once we deliver it to the post office, it becomes yours. Thank you.