Matchbox MB 66 B Harley Davidson 1962

Up for sale:

Matchbox 38 C

Honda Motor Cycle and of Lesney's best looking models

Factory mint

" from my collection...and 10 years at Lesney Products USA ( when it was great) " A historical and beautiful Matchbox collector's item, don't let this one slip away!

Please advise any questions and thank you for looking.

Guaranteed authentic but not returnable...shipped insured

I will negotiate international shipping. International postage is just so high to ship a valuable item insured. I've had non delivered claims twice from the UK & Europe. I believe both to have been phony. I hope you understand as there are good and honest buyers everywhere. Matchbox collectors are the best but there are always a few slime buckets out there!

As an aside, I use Charlie Mack's Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys as a reference and guide. I knew Charlie when he was the KS editor at AIM and he is one dedicated honest collector.

I would highly recommend his Encyclopedia of Matchbox Toys to any serious Matchbox collector, its a tribute to Matchbox collecting.

There are 411 variations of MBSF 38-E Model A Ford listed!