Matchbox Moko/Lesney/Superfast No. 10's

A collection of Matchbox vehicles from the Lesney range, which are all number 10's. Every model is different and variant codes are taken from the British Vintage Die-Cast's website when available. I will combine postage at £1 for each extra lot. Many thanks to you for taking the time to look and the other numbers are to follow.

Lesney 10c Foden Tanker (code 4) Grey Wheels

Lesney 10c Foden Tanker (code 9) 20 Tread Silver Wheels

Lesney 10d Leyland Pipe Truck (code 1) First Release With 1.5mm Posts

Superfast 10e Piston Popper - Short Axel Brace

Superfast 10e Piston Popper - Long Axel Brace

Superfast 10f Plymouth Gran Fury - White & Black With 'Police'

Superfast 10f Plymouth Gran Fury - White With 'Traffic Control', Silver Base