New in box has never been opened Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck! Mattel's Matchbox Rocky the Robot Truck is an interactive dump truck designed for children ages three and older.

Talking, driving, lifting, dumping, and even dancing, this toy dump truck is a boy's robotic companion.

Speaking over 100 phrases, Rocky has a clever line for everything. You can do all the work by hand, or get him to help out.

Built with strong, durable plastic, Rocky is ready to handle heavy loads.

Your child can manually tilt his dump bed to unload it -- or make some noise and he'll do it for you.

And when you push Rocky forward or pull him backward on all six wheels, his blue headlights are activated and he'll make some noise of his own, with engine sounds and honking.

Now boys can interact with their new best friend and hard-working buddy, Rocky The Robot Truck.

With interactive sensors bring him to life, he talks and interacts with kids and even tells jokes.

From Matchbox, Rocky The Robot Truck also dances, with headlights that light up.

His rugged design and full-tilting bed are great for manipulative play.

Boys will love the interaction and getting ready to load 'em up and move 'em out with hauling and dumping action.

When the work is done, he goes to
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