Matchbox set - Aerial Truck Lift +2 cars, Made in Bulgaria 1979 Good condition

This is a Bulgarian made Matchbox set Aerial Truck Lift
It is a very old Communist era made Matchbox set.
It is New Boxed . Never have been out of the box . The box is sealed. Packaging is old comunist era style. It is not eye catching.
There is no MATCHBOX logo on the box, but two diecast models are Matchbox.
The two models are dated and with Matchbox logo on the bottom. ( I have seen trouhg the plasick film on the box.
The Aerial Truck Lift has no logo. It is made of metal (tin) with some plastiц партс
Matchbox had a factory in Bulgaria and produce this model ~ 32-36 years ago.
It is very rarely to find a brand new ( in a Box) Bulgarian made matchbox set.
BOX is good but old No damaged, but is not perfect - has suffered a little wear.
The writing on side of of the BOX is in Cyrillic letters.
Hope you will enjoy this model.
Any question please e-mail me.
If you require recorded delivery, please e-mail me, will have to add a little bit more to the bill!
Thanks for looking!