Matchbox Tootsietoy Ertl Hotwheel Die Cast Airplane Lot

is a large lot of various military jets, commercial airline, helicopters, single engine planes, and many many more. Some of the manufactures include Matchbox, Ertl, Hot wheels, Tootsietoy, Corgi, Lesney, Road Champs, Zylmex, and more. I will be describing from left to right ,top to bottom, like a book in regards to the picture. I left a ruler in the picture to help scale sizes(not included). Paypal is the only method of payment accepted. T is over 75 planes. I don't know airplanes that well for specific types that they are unless marked on the plane itself. Most are in pretty good shape I will write the exceptions. Some scratches and paint chipping may have occured.

1. Silver USAF Ertl 1658S

2. Silver NAVY Ertl 1808S missing cab top

3. Grey USAF Ertl 1808S

4. Black US AIR FORCE 19841 Ertl 16876?

5. Green P-47 Thunderbolt NO 76316 China missing some pieces on bottom and propeller

6. Sky Blue B-2 Bomber Tootsietoy plastic bottom

7. Red white and blue helicopter Tootsietoy plastic bottom and propeller

8. VMFA-323 light blue Ertl 04206

9. Brown Camo B-1 Bomber tootsietoy

10. Purple blue F-16 Matchbox 1978 SB 24 Macau

11. Matchbox SB3 Space Shuttle 1979 Macau

12. Blue Grey White F-16 Matchbox sb24 1978 Thailand

13. Brown
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