MATech 600m Backup Iron Sight BUIS USGI Flip Up Rear Site Like Knights Armament

These are Army Issue same as the Knights Armament Rear Sight. If you look at them they look the same. 200m 600m both made in the USA! Great Deal!

You are looking at a single (1) MATech 600 meter Backup Iron Sight (BUIS).

This sight is NEW sealed in manufacturing package! The BUIS is elevation adjustable to 600 meters. Windage is also adjustable much like a standard rear sight. See pictures for more information. These are the issue sights that come on military rifles, so this isn't a cheap piece. Great pieces of kit.

Current U.S. Army standard-issue backup rear sight for 5.56 carbines and rifles. The sight flips up at the touch of your thumb. Back Up Iron Sights are just that, back up. But wouldn't you want a back up that functions at the highest level? Thats why the MATECh BIUS is preferable. Designed in conjunction with Picatinny Arsenal engineering staff and rigorously tested at Fort Benning and Aberdeen Proving Ground for durability, ease of use, and effective targeting out to 600 meters. Detent-locking lever lets you quickly range through pre-set ranges: 200, 300, 350, 400, 450, 500, 550, and 600 meters. Windage can easily be adjusted using the integrated A2-style windage knob and position markers on the back of the sight for repeatability of settings.

Bright, white, laser etched numbers and
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