Up for auction is a Ken doll that is in MINT, NEW condition, he has never been removed from the box or played with. The package behind his feet that has the phamplet and his sandles it in has never been opened.The letter on his bottom are MCMLX, the lady I purchased him from said his was 1961 but I am not sure if he is 1961 or 1962 as I am not familar with the letter system. He is just as if you were to purchase him out of the stored today. The box is in excellent condition as well other than the little bit of discoloring towards the bottom of the box. The price tag is still on the box that say's Neissner's and stil has the price of Two dollars and 33 Cents on it. Imagine that 2.33. This is truly one for the avid collector as the doll is in New never played with condition, just like the day it came off of the shelf 50 years ago. I have seen them in their original boxes but never on that has not even been out of the box and the shoes still in the original packaging. This doll comes from one owner. Please feel free to e-mail me with any questions.