New Mattel Harry Potter and Hermione dolls Wizard Sweets Collection w/bracelets

These dolls are both new in box and have never been removed.

Hermione is wearing a red sweater with colorful patterns, light purple turtleneck, brown skirt, white thigh highs, and black mary jane shoes. Her bracelet is a Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans colorful with a HP logo at the clasp area. The bracelet is supposed to smell like strawberry however, the smell is likely no longer detectable. So cute for a child. It also contains a small Bertie every flavor beans box.

Harry is wearing his trademark glasses with tape holding the glasses together at the nose bridge, a red sweater and off white corderoys with black shoes. His bracelet is awesome...small brown frogs that are supposed to smell like chocolate. Also has the HP at the clasp area. His box is the Chocolate Frogs box.

Both boxes show shelf wear, Hermione's more than Harry's.

Thanks for viewing!