Mattel Pull String Talking Rare Turnover Somersalty

Somersalty is a Mattel turnover doll. Saying 4 phrases only when he's right side up and 4 different phrases only when he is upside down . Box say Right side-up I say Funny Jingles!!! Upside down I talk'n make funny noises. He measures 20 inches tall. He is harder to find as he is a very big doll. His plush is in nice condition. The fabric part of him shows the most wear his eyes and mouth being the most noticable. He does have his Mattel Tag and it says 1969. Please check the pictures. Box is in fair shape being all t t are a few minor graffic flaws see picture. Also t is tape on the inside of the box reinforcing the locking tab. He does work when his chatty ring is pulled. Please see picture for details. I've added several so you can see him better. Need another picture or have a question just ask. I have only seen one other in the 5 years I have been repairing Mattel Talkers and he was without box and nose. Plus nontalking.

I have many Mattel pull string talkers (70 or so) in my store please take a moment and browse a blast from the past!

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