Maud Humphrey~Beautiful Lady in Red & White Hat & Coat~N.G.Y~P.C 118~1909


You are bidding on an Old Postcard. Used 1909


Scan shows scene and condition very well, so please look at scan closely for condition . All postcard are original and Not reproductions. I'm going to start showing both sides of the card now. It takes a little bit longer to list, but I believe most buyers like that better.

I start all postcards at a very low starting price. You won't find these low starting prices & High Quality Postcards anywhere with Free Shipping. Doesn't in anyway reflect in the quality of the postcard. So knowing you will be pleased with the postcard you buy at a fair price and you won't be getting outbid by the seller. I totally believe that the Buyers are the ones that should set the price the postcard is worth.

Shipping Fee will be FREE !!!!!!! I also add a plastic sleeve with every envelope to help prevent bending. I also go the extra mile and send all postcards non-machinable at the Post Office, which means they are suppose to do all postmarking by hand so can't get caught in machine and destroyed.

**** International shipping is $1.50 for First four postcard and I will give you qoute for shipping after that. ****

*********** Please if you are a multiple winner, please make only one payment, Wait for invoice
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