Mauritius old empty cigarette packet Matelot sailor

Hi collectors! I'm selling low starting bid and reasonable postage cost.
We keep all postage costs to an absolute minimum and do not overcharge
Please check my other items. I've many empty cigarette packets listing in other ebay sites.
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postage options:
regular postage GBP 1.50 (not covered for paypal refund)
Insured (signed for) 4 GBP (up 3 packets)
insured postage for 150 grammes 5 GBP
This is an empty cigarette packet containing no tobacco whatsoever as this would contravene ebay or paypal rules.
# 4678 Mauritius Check out my other items !
I accept paypal payments
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Paypal and ebay rules:
( EVEN IF THE PACKET IS EMPTY, as are most of my listings )
The value of the item is the collectible packaging, not the tobacco itself.
– The value of the packaging is higher than the current retail price of the tobacco in the package.
– While the package has never been opened, the tobacco inside is not for consumption.
– The collectible packaging is not currently available in stores.
– The buyer must be at least 18 years old. (As the seller, I'm responsible for making sure this rule is met.)
– Both the buyer and the seller are following all applicable laws and shipping regulations
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