My collection includes hundreds of pipes all displayed neatly in four curio cabinets. 3/4 of them (exactly three cabinets full) are brand new and unsmoked pieces that I have never got to break in. My tastes in pipes have changed a lot since I've started this wonderful hobby. I buy and smoke different pipes now than I did then. I now prefer and try to buy mostly Danish high-grade half-bent apples. It is, sadly, unlikely that I will ever get to smoke all of the pipes in my collection. So, the right thing to do is selling them to others. After all, pipes are made to be smoked! Watch my other auctions, as I will be selling a lot of them in the next few weeks.

Offered is an extremely rare freehand pipe crafted by the young German pipemaker Max Brandt.

Max Brandt is the son of a famous (and VERY expensive) German pipemaker, Oliver Brandt. He started making pipes in 2001. He was only 15 years old !

His pipes are beautiful, well made and well cured, very good smokers. Oliver helps Max in selecting briar and guiding him thorugh the shaping process.

The pipe offered at this auction is of the WHALE shape. Grain is absolutely magnificent. Straight grain all around the bowl and shank and dense birdseye at the bottom. Pipe is not large, but rather very elegant. It weighs almost nothing and you will not feel it hanging
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