Max Roach & Clifford Brown Norman 10" LP

MAX ROACH AND CLIFFORD BROWN IN CONCERT , Gene Norman Presents Vol. 5, 10 inch LP.

This 1954 classic features Clifford Brown (trumpet), Teddy Edwards (tenor sax), Carl Perkins (piano), George Bledsoe (bass), Max Roach (drums).
The tunes are All God's Children Got Rhythm, Tenderly, Sunset Eyes, Clifford's Axe.

Condition of record is E, no scuffs, no scratches, no spindle marks, plays very well for a 10 inch LP. Jacket shows some overall wear, no seam splits.

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G = Good. Not really all that good. Records in this category have more significant damage or wear.
F = More severe damage, distracting surface noise. Only used in incidence of extreme rarity.
P = Poor condition, proves existence of record only.

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