Maximum Entertainment by Ken Weber

Director's notes for magicians and mentalists, invaluable advice for all performers. Hightly praised by Marc Salem, Charles Reynolds and others. T are no tricks in this book, but it's loaded with secrets! The most important secrets- techniques for mastering your audience! Product Details: * How to Be Your Own Director! * How to climb the Hierarchy of Mystery Entertainment! * How to target the "Big Three" Reactions! * Discover the Six Pillars of Entertainment Success! * Learn powerful tips for Scripting and Rehearsing, and Choosing the Most Powerful Material! * Discover invaluable Voice tricks and Language Skills! * Do you know the best way for magicians to be Funny? This book will show you! * Immensely practical tips on Sound and Lighting! * Find out what the most successful performers do Before, During, and even After every show! * Plus bonus chapters zeroing in on the special problems faced by Close-up magicians and Mentalists! "Insightful and to read...destined to be a classic. I can think of only a few performers a very few who do not NEED this book! It's packed with more nitty-gritty, real-world advice than a whole shelf of magic books." - Charles Reynolds Award-Winning Magic Consultant/Producer "Finally! A well-written book by someone who has been t and knows what he's talking about. If you are seriously

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