You are viewing the ULTIMATE in ALLOY shafted Ti-Rods for the TRAXXAS T-MAXX

Tired of the stock, Ti-Rods that come with the T-MAXX? Tired of having to continuously adjust and readjust those rods? Have you bent yours and now you find that properly aligning your steering and camber is near impossible?

Why settle for heavy steel when you can have the latest in metal technology! Machined of the finest ALUMINUM, and designed to last, this kit offers those seeking only the coolest and strongest parts for their T-MAXX 3.3.

Awesome looking and some of the finest quality I've seen yet.

A hole is drilled in the center of the shaft for use of a small pin or screwdriver which then allows you to turn the ball ends clockwise or counterclockwise, depending on the length you need. Some minor adjustments might be required when installing depending on your camber and toe in.

EVERYTHING YOU SEE IS INCLUDED. BRAND NEW! It's easy to install and well worth the time. Note: Some assembly/disassembly may be required. If your looking for strength in your steering and camber and lead adjustments, this is what you need.

I recommend the use of Tri-Flow, dry type Teflon lubricant with these ends. You can get this stuff at any bicycle shop, and it doesn't attract dust or dirt! It dries
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