Up for bid is one incredible truck. This is a GorillaMaxx G4 that has been spared no expense.

I built this truck last summer as a back-up to my other GorillaMaxx. Aside from about 2 minutes of testing, it's been sitting on my shelf ever since...Besides that, money is tight so, my loss is your gain.

This was orginally a 3905 E-Maxx.

’s a list of the modifications:

GorillaMaxx G4 aluminum chassis kit

Spektrum DX2 transmitter

Spektrum receiver

3905 Transmissiom

3905 Front and Rear differentials

3905 aluminum Single motor mount

Traxxas 3905 E-maxx shocks

Traxxas E-Maxx 3905 Front and rear driveshafts

Dual 3905 Traxxas waterproof servos

HPI Phaltline tire/wheels

Trinity E-Maxx black shock springs

Golder horizon Aluminum front bulkhead supports

Golder horizon Aluminum rear bulkhead supports

Golden Horizons aluminum rear bulkhead

Golden Horizon Aluminum Front bulkhead

Integy suspension kit EVO 3:

Four front and rear aluminum upper arms

Four front and rear aluminum lower arms

Two front and rear aluminum shock towers and Suspension pins

Proline rear wing

RPM black front bumper

RPM black rear bumper

Castle Creations
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