MAYOKOK Vintage Survival Book Alaska Ipani Eskimos HC

“Ipani Eskimos, A Cycle of Life in Nature” by James K.Wells.

Illustrated by Robert Mayokok.

A month-by-month survival guide of the Ipani Eskimos. A rare study of the Ipani Eskimos, old-time inhabitants of Northwest Alaska prior to the coming of the White Man. Wells describes their traditional life month-by-month throughout the year. With much on hunting and fishing, Shaman, cooking, and more.

110 pages. 1974. First Edition. AMU Press. We only have 1 soft cover left.

The book is a little larger than 6 by 9-inches. There are about 13 illustrations by Mayokok and all of them are full-page illustrations.

First Edition.

Makes a great gift!


January : Surviving the Cold; Trapping;

February : Surviving in Snowstorms; Superstitions;

March : The Bear Hunt; Sheefish;

April : The Ptarmigan; Getting Ready for Summer; Muskrats; New Life in Springtime;

May : Cooking Eggs; More Muskrats; Fishing with a Dip Net;

June : Egg Hunt; Seal Hunt; Attacking a Bear; Beluga Hunt; Seal Poke;

July ; Ducks & Geese; Berries; Storing Food; Caribou Hunt;

August : Caribou Antlers; Caribou Chute; Fish Run;

September : Getting Ready for Winter; Another Bear Hunt;

October : Fishing Again with Dip Nets; Hunting Bear
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