MB Battle Masters board game sealed Chaos Warband reinforcements GW Warhammer

For sale is a SEALED copy of the Chaos Warband reinforcements for the popular board game Battle Masters. Produced by MB in conjunction with Games Workshop, this expansion to the classic wargame Battle Masters is increasingly hard to find.
From the back of the box:
"The moon cast its cold blue light upon the low hills surrounding Innesdorf. The ciry slept soundly when suddenly the night's peace was shattered. Great horns rang out and a mass of warriors advanced as one from the shadows. Beastmen from the forests of Doom surged forward. Savage blades glinted in the moonlight as they came out for battle. Huge creatures rose up from whitin the mass of warriors. Moving powerfully, they towered above their companions, sweeping aside those before them in their eagerness for battle. Lord Morgrin looked on an smirked. Next time he would place the Ogres in front."
Chaos Warband contains eith more units for the Forces of Chaos. You will lead them and decide which of your troops you will take into battle. Will you amass a vast horde of Beastmen, or hire a mercenary regiment of Ogres? Your selection will allow you to try new strategies to bring down the Imperial Army.
- 2 Chaos Lords
- 20 Beastmen
- 2 Ogre Champions
- 8 bases
- 1 decal sheet
- 1 instruction leaflet
Many second-hand copies
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