MC-2000XL SD & CF Multi-Card Media Reader - MPC2000XL

MC-2000XL Multi-Card Memory Card Reader for Akai MPC2000XL Black - Upgrade your Akai MPC2000XL with 2GB of SD Card Storage!
These units are 100% Hot Swappable - Media can be inserted and removed with the MPC ON!
Now includes Big Noise "Basic Seven Vol.01" MPC2000/XL drumkits on 2G B SD Media Card!
This is one of the very few units that allows the MPC2000XL to work with SD Memory Cards!
Download the Installation Manual or MPC Operators Manual from the Big Noise Radio " Studio " page.
All MC-2000XL units are brand new, no MPC mods required. Instructions and cablesincluded.

One of the best ways to upgrade your Akai MPC2000XL is with a Multi-Card Media Reader. This allows you the convenience of moving sounds from PC to MPC and back. Memory card access time is very fast and you can have many SD and/or CF memory cards to archive projects. Now available is a conversion kit for your Akai MPC2000XL. Why keep your 3.5 floppy-drive when you can fit your MPC2000XL with a new SD or CF Media Drive ! On a 512MB media card that's about 355 floppy disks on one fast access removable SD card; archive and save up to 512MB of all of your favorite drums & samples on one media card! This unit works with 64MB to 4GB SD or CF cards. This kit works with the Akai MPC2000XL ONLY.

The MC-2000XL is an alternative

Now included with this kit on 2GB SD card; Big Noise " Basic Seven Vol.01 " MPC2000/XL drum kits on SD memory card. We're offering our Basic Seven set of MPC essentials - everything needed to start producing professional beats on your MPC. Each kit is chalked full of pro sounds including Kicks, 808 Boom, Snares, Percussion, Top End, Sound Efx and Samples. All 4 banks, 64 pads loaded with 44.1khz 16bit sounds. Each kit has an octave of 808-boom for low end support. Sound Efx, hip-hop Orchestra Hits and Samples from vinyl to add extra shine to your beats. Snares, Claps and Rim Shots for building organic slaps. Hi Hats, Cymbals and Tambourines for organic top ends. Toms, Bells and Wood Blocks for melodic percussion. Load one of the program/s into your MPC and drop some dope beats right off the bat. Your MPC must be equipped with the CF-2000XL to load these sounds. Basically everything you need to drop those Pete Rock / DJ Premiere classics... 224 hand selected sounds (12.6MB), 14 banks worth spread out over 28 banks in a consistent format allowing you to switch programs on patterns or arrange your own kits from the Basic Seven.
This is the Multi-Card Reader that we use to save and archive all of our MPC2000XL samples and drum kits that we program and produce within Studio 914. This is the perfect companion for your Akai MIDI Production Center to store and archiving your work. Load one of the program/s into your MPC and drop some beats. Add your own samples and customize the kits to your taste: Creativity is king!

Black MC-2000XL ATAPI Multi-Card Unit Features:
Standard ATAPI interface Media Type: Compact Flash Data Transfer Rate: 43096 KBps Storage Removable Capacity 64MB to 4BG
Removable Storage Type: 1 x CF Media
Dimensions (WxDxH): 4.0" x 5.2" x 1.0"
Handling : Please "Shipping & Payments" details.
Shipping: All items are packaged and weighed on a USPS scale and will be shipped USPS Priority Mail (2 to 3 days) or First Class (2 to 5 days) if weight permits. Other shipping options are available upon your request.
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