McCarty Pottery Nutmeg Cotton Row Tall Vase, new!

Be ready for the first sprays of Spring time!
McCarty's tall Cotton Row vase will remind you of the delta on the way to their pottery. Spring bouquets with long branches or tall stems will look sensational in this vase. McCarty vases don't steal the show; the focus will be on the arrangement, and McCarty vases are extra heavy on the bottom so they won't tilt over. The wiggly line is their trademark, called the river mark, which starts at the rim and represents the Mississippi River. The opening is 2 3/4". This vase is 9.5 " high and about 5.5" at the diameter. This vase is made by hand and is individually crafted. The earthy tones will set off your bouquets quite nicely for years to come, or just enjoy it on display, in which case, why not add one of the charming birds. The vase is signed on the bottom. This pottery comes from McCartys' studio and it is new.
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