McConnell's Patent No. 3 Size Smooth Plane, Marked, Unusual and Very Rare

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Here's a attractive, distinctive and rarely seen plane patented by Robert McConnell, of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. McConnell's planes have a unique appearance, unlike anything offered by any other planemaker. According to McConnell's patent application of 24 th July, 1941, the plane could be used for "scrubbing, shooting, or smoothing." With a blade width of 1-3/4 inches, it is the functional equivalent of a Stanley No. 3 plane.

According to researcher Rod Thomas, McConnell was a prolific inventor whose patents spanned the years from 1927 to 1951 and included improved roller skates, an automatic gramophone, a tent, a cistern, a "coat and vest combination," gold cleaner, a miter box, a frictionless pump, and my personal favorite, the "Ammunitionless Gun."

McConnell's plane patent was not granted until 19 th November, 1942, but he began manufacturing the planes shortly after his 1941 application. Most examples known, including the one offered here, are stamped behind the front knob with his name and the patent application number and year: "McCONNELL - PATENT - 116098/41."

Like other plane inventors, McConnell made several revisions in the construction of his planes. According to Rod Thomas' type
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