McCoy 1424 Hidden Valley Ranch Serving Crock (1 gal)

While McCoy is well known as a vintage name in pottery, the company was actively involved in commerce and especially in commercial restaurant service. Through 1982 they were providing restaurant ware for many companies including (the new McCoy), Lancaster Colony of Columbus, Ohio. This Hidden Valley Ranch commerical gallon is a great example of the fine products McCoy provided. It is numbered 1242 on the bottom and clearly shows the McCoy Mark. No chips, No cracks, just a perfect piece of McCoy in perfect shape. Many people marvel at the McCoy vintage pieces but you can have this modern "vintage" McCoy piece in your collection. They are difficult to find and this particular piece is a great example with a very well known product name on the side (Hidden Valley Ranch). You will also recieve the original box. Dont let this one get away!