McCoy Flower Pot/Shawnee Flower Pot/Unmarked Flower Pot

Five Vintage Flower Pots(2)McCoy Pink Basket Weave and Turquoise Speckled and Ribbed,(1)Brush-McCoy Green Bamboo Designed,(1)Shawnee Medium Green and Ribbed,and(1)Unmarked White Elephant Ear Designed.All in mint condition,they have no chips or cracks and all are very clean.The Green Bamboo designed measures 5 5/8"tall,and 6"in diameter across top,the Pink Basket Weave is 5"tall,and 5 3/8"in diameter across top,the Turquoise Ribbed is 3 5/8"tall,and 4 1/8"in diameter across top,the Shawnee Med.Green Ribbed is 3"tall,and 4 5/8"in diameter across top,and the Unmarked White Elephant Ear Designed is 3 1/8"tall,and 3 1/4"in diameter across top.Five different colors,Five different sizes and different patterns that all display Wonderfully and would add very nicely to any collection!