McDonald Drive thru Pretend Play Fast Food Cash Register Works/Talks Accessories

McDonald's Drive thru Pretend Play Fast Food Set Cash Register Works/Talks + Accessories

Allitems included as seen in listing pictures

Measures approx . cash register/lunch menu – L 13” x W 8” (includes “M”) x H 3 “

Material- plastic/ paper- play money/cardboard-Happy meal box/French fry holder

Description –McDonalds Drive Thru Pretend Play Set w headset/food/money/credit cards

List of items included – (please see pictures; great details/lot of items for pretend play)

cash register/lunch menu -red/yellow, works/talks , buttons like calculator/display window - on/off/clear, divide/multiply/subtract/add/equal + cash button (opens cash drawer);

#’s 0-9; food buttons-(talk) French fries/drink/cheeseburger/apple pie/hamburger/happy meal/sundae/chicken mcnuggets;

Attached lunch menu - does not talk/pictures: bag French fries/cheeseburger/mcnuggets/drink/sundae

Accessories – red/yellow: head set ; hand held device -works/talks-Welcome to McDonalds, May I take your order

Food items – sundae/drink cup/happy meal box w French fries+ holder/cheeseburger w pickles/cheese/burger/buns

Money items - paper money - (2) $1.00 + $5.00; (2) credit cards -yellow/red; plastic coins - (2) group 5/10/25 cents

Batteries- (included) cash register -2 AA hand
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