McDonald Farm Store Milk Bottle DISNEY 1/2 pint Wakefld

Up for bids is this HALF PINT Disney Milk Bottle. Clear glass, I put cotton balls inside it for picture.

It has writing/designs on both sides: On one side ( in red ) it has Mickey and Minnie on the top of a sign with a milk bottle in-between them, and four other Disney characters are on the bottom of the sign.

The sign says " This is the way to spend the day - we drink our milk then run and play!"

Also on that side underneath the characters it says "© W.D.P." in the same red color that the sign and Disney characters are in.

In the glass on that side it also says "Registered Sealed" and then what I believe is a symbol of some sort, but I have no idea what it is, and then it has the letter "A."

On the opposite side is the farms advertisements in black.

It has a picture of a cow's head, and says:




In the glass on this side it says "HALF PINT LIQUID" and then along the curve leading to the bottom it has a small "X"

Along the top on BOTH sides it reads "STORE" in black.

On the bottom, the bottle has 17 on one side and 52 directly across from it. Underneath the 52 it has 51 inside of a circle. T is also another circle near the center of the bottle (but not placed directly in the center) but it has nothing
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