Mcdonalds Disney TREASURE PLANET Complete Set /Sealed

Mcdonalds Disney
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Mcdonalds Disneys Treasure Planet complete set of eight Happy meal toys. Each toy figure comes with a Puzzle piece that forms a Globe of the Treasure Planet. Picture shows a loose set for you to view. The set includes:
Jim Hawkins -- figure with solar surfer with light up map puzzle piece
B.E.N. -- figure with glow in the dark eyes and working compass.
Arrow -figure with retractable rope and hook, with magnifying glass
Silver-- figure with a light pipe eye and it's map piece has a tattoo inside
Morph-- squeezable soft toy, it's map piece turns into a shovel
Scroop -- figure with moving arms and metal detector
Doctor Doppler -- figure with a secret " Red Reveal" treasure map and the map piece for this item is the base for the ball map
Captain Amelia -- figure with a two-image viewer
New in the bags!
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