Mcdonalds Nostalgic Hamburger Stand 1955 RAY KROC

Back in 1955, folks is Desplaines,Illinois didn't realize that the new restaraunt down the street-the one with the red-and-white striped walls and huge Golden Arches-was destined to become an american icon!

Heres a RARE item!, a Re-creation of the original NOSTALGIC "golden arches" restaraunt,theres no gauge called out,but it looks like it would fit right right into your N GAUGE layout! The measurement of the house are Aprox 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.25 INCHES and the trains shown are "N" scale. The building lines up perfectly with bachman "N" SCALE structures and there's even an opening in the bottom for a light!.... ** OUT OF PRODUCTION **ISSUED ONE YEAR ONLY 2001, SURE TO ONLY GROW IN VALUE***


auction is for mcdonald's building only ****this item started its life as a christmas ornament - unaltered

The inside is detailed also!Look inside the building and you will see!