McDonalds, RONALD McDonald Character Pen RONALD in Sealed packet , all 4 sale

DUE TO UNFORSEEN CIRCUMSTANCIES WE ARE SELLING OUR MASSIVE COLLECTION OF McDonalds collectables from around the world ( as seen on UK TV)

This item for auction is just the beginning of this massive McDonalds sale,

Its The McDonald's RONALD McDonald pen in original packet, More to follow .

we have a massive and when i say massive its gigantic, thousands of happy meal toys, loose and in packets, in sets, watches,glasses (drinking out of) and wearing glasses, plates, bowls,lapel collectors pins, key rings, cups mugs, special coke tumblers,christmas decorations,special prize packs of hm toys in presentation boxes,large amount of diecast Lorries related to McDonalds, Nascar USA race cars collection, Phone cards, playing card sets, pens, pencils, drawing implements,train set, dolls, doll sets,McDonalds drive through Kitchen, ronald and friends Plush and ceramic items. special items from the McDonalds convensions only available at these events,shop displays, advert material, framed pictures from Restaurants,

The above are just a tip of the iceberg,

some of these items will not have been seen as they are so rare, only in books. take a look at some of the pictures included.

The whole collection has got to go, if a McDonalds Restaurant was to ask for this for display it would fill display
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