McFarlane Toys Action Figure -The Walking Dead AMC TV Comic Series HUGE LOT TWD

Included in auction: 18 figures and EVERY correct accessory, none missing!
TV Series 1 - Zombie Walker (Winds up) TV Series 2 - Rick Grimes (Interchangeable hands, revolver, rifle, and animal control stick.) TV Series 2 - Shane Walsh (Shotgun) TV Series 2 - Bicycle Girl Zombie (Removable jeans) TV Series 2 - Well Zombie (Canned ham) TV Series 3 - Merle Dixon (Rifle, handgun, and knife.) TV Series 3 - Autopsy Zombie (Knife, 2 chunks of meat, and shirt/tie chest piece.) TV Series 3 - Michonne (Removable poncho, sword, and sheath.) TV Series 3 - Michonne's Pet Zombie 1 (Stand, backpack, 2 arms, and jaw.) TV Series 3 - Michonne's Pet Zombie 2 (Stand, shotgun, backpack, 2 arms, and jaw.) TV Series 4 - Andrea (Removable vest, handgun, rifle, and pitchfork.) TV Series 4 - Carl Grimes (Removable hat, knife, duffel bag, and keys.) TV Series 4 - Riot Gear Zombie (Flip action helmet and knife.) TV Series 4 - Gas Mask Riot Gear Zombie (Removable gas mask with removable glass face.) Comic Series 2 - The Governor (Knife, sword, handgun, amputated arm, and interchangeable eye patch head.) Comic Series 2 - Riot Gear Glenn (2 handguns, riot shield, police baton, gas can, riot helmet and strap.) Comic Series 2 - Penny Blake (stand, aquarium, bucket, BODY PARTS: 3 heads, 2 hands, arm, foot, leg, chunk of meat, and 2 intestine pieces.) Comic Series
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