McKee Glasbake Refrigerator / Range Set - Sears Roebuck

For your consideration is a rare and seldom seen GLASBAKE range set / refrigerator jars made for Sears Roebuck in the 1940's by McKee.

This 3-piece set includes a small round dish, which measures 4" wide x 2 1/2" tall, a medium bowl, which measures 5" wide x 3 1/2" tall, and the large jar with tab handles, which measures 6" wide x 4 1/4" tall. Each dish has its original matching cover. Each cover is embossed with "S" "R" (Sears Roebuck) Ovenware. The pans and lids are etched in a raised decorative floral design; each jar with a different kind of flower. The refrigerator pans nest comfortably inside each other for easy storage.

This set is in absolutely remarkable condition. I have carefully inspected each piece and found no chips, cracks, scuffs, or scratches. The edges of each piece are smooth, not a single fleabite. The pans appear unused and are in like-new condition.

The only issue I found is a very tiny flake chip along the straw mark on the top of the largest lid, which likely occurred during manufacturing. Otherwise, this set is mint condition.

The old glass has a few air bubbles and straw marks, typical of vintage glassware. This is a very nice set of 60-year-old Glasbake kitchenware, and will make a lovely edition to your vintage glassware collection. I am confident you will be very pleased
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