MD-Meteorites Meteorite WILUNA Witnessed Fall 1967

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Meteorite Wiluna

A very warm welcome to all international buyers. We sell guaranteed authentic Meteorites. Dr. Harald Wohlfahrt and Michael Wilde as a graduate Mineralogist and Mining Engineer let you buy with absolute confidence. With Mineralium-Deposita you buy neither from a loft nor from any dealer. You buy from Specialists who graduated in Mineralogy / Meteoritics and Mining Engineering at German Universities. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You are welcome !


Meteorite Wiluna

You are bidding on a part slice of the Meteorite Wiluna, an Olivine-Bronzite Chondrite H5 with nice Chondrules, fusion crust and shock veins. The Wiluna meteorite fell on September the 2nd 1967 in Western Australia. Australian Meteorites are very hard to get because the Australian Government does not allow the export anymore. Only trade inside Australia is permitted and export permits will not be given out anymore in the future. We obtained this Wiluna piece by trade with a Mineralogical Institute. So bid with confidence with MD-Meteorites and make sure to acquire one of the most wanted Australian meteorites for your personal collection.

Weight: 1.45 Grams.

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