MDC Roundhouse 50 Ft. Mill Gondolas / DT&I, BPRR,N de M

are 3 HO Scale 50 foot mill-gon kits from MDC's Roundhouse Products line. All 3 are new, un-built kits that have been on the shelf for several years. The DT&I and N de M cars were limited one - time release items about 10 years ago. This is a great opportunity to add variety to your layout.

The cars all feature a decorated plastic body, with seperate plastic underframe. The corner stirrup steps are molded on the underframe, and are intact. The kits all have their small parts / fitting bag, with truck frames, wheelsets, horn hook couplers, brake detail sprue and screws. The bags are all present and factory sealed. The cars use a seperate long steel weight. This weight is present for 2 of the kits, but missing from the N de M kit. The weight needed could probably be made up with flat washers .. ( not included ) .

The car bodies are all painted black, lettered in white and have end # 's .

The kits are :

# (1678 hand written on box ) ...BPRR ..Road # 565820 .with a blue and white ..DJJ .. Davd J.Joseph Company logo

# 7791 D.T. & I. ..........Road # 9646 .. with large D T & I letters and a red and white compass logo .

# 7792 N. de M. .........Road # 87002 .. with the Hecho En Mexico eagle logo.

These kits will have extra packing material added for shipping and
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