Up for auction is what I strongly believe to be a Mossy Creek, White County, Georgia, (Alkaline) Ash "Shanghai" Glaze, Butter Churn very possibly made by a member of the Meaders Family, prior to the turn of the century (late 1800's) with 5 bands at the upper portion indicating a 5 gallon capacity. I firmly believe, this is a wonderful and stunning example of Georgia made Southern Folk Pottery. I am no expert on Southern Folk Pottery. I am not a life long resident of Georgia, but some of my grade school through high school years were spent in the mountains of North Carolina. Unfortunately at that time, I paid no heed to southern pottery at all. My 1st interest in pottery at all, came from a job I once had that allowed me to watch a studio potter turn and fire his wares. I was involved in a craft myself and inevitibly I would end up trading my craft for pottery items. I am just trying to give a little background I have been around pottery for years, but my interest and knowledge of southern folk pottery is limited to just a few years, since moving to Georgia. I will gladly invite emails about this piece, but my best research efforts and the opinion of others who are also interested in southern folk pottery have led me to this attribution. This has all the earmarks of "White County (Mossy Creek), Georgia, Ash Glazed Pottery" and by ... read more