Measuregraph Fabric Measure Measuring Machine

Measuregraph Fabric Measuring Machine

Used in retail fabric stores and departments

This is a used Measuregraph fabric measuring machine. Even if you don't sew, you may well remember your mother or grandmother buying fabric at a store. Chances are, the people at the store used a measuring device like this. They run the fabric through it and measure off the appropriate yardage.

My husband got this at a Zayre's store when it was going out of business. Apparently the last Zayre store closed in 1989 so we've owned this since the 80's.

The measuring face is in great condition. The paint is scraped up a bit. I've tried to use a picture that shows this.

T's a RESET button at the back of the unit. It's heavy--it's over 12 pounds.

T is a pricing/measurement chart in the machine. Chart number F10 is inserted. The chart starts with $.25 per yard.

I don't know the age of this or if t's a model number for it. T's not much information on the device itself.

This appears to be a pretty simple device so I would guess it works. I don't actually know that, however. Given that, I am selling this AS IS.

Please--if you have a question about this, just ask. If you know much about these, you probably know what you want me to look for.

This is a pretty interesting item--it'
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