Mechwarrior Dragons Fury / Kurita Battleforce 326 pcs

Mechwarrior House Kurita / Dragons Fury Battleforce Set - 326 pc. Set

When the Mechwarrior Dark Age CMG was first released, the intention was for a series of factions that would represent competing groups within the Republic of the Sphere, based on former factions from the old Battletech historical lines. While some of these factions represented a large majority of the House factions from the Classic Battletech era, others would appear later. The Dragon's Fury faction that first appeared in the premiere Dark Ages set represented House Kurita, one of the most popular Houses of the Inner Sphere in the Classic Battletech era. Focusing on speed, infiltration and accuracy, the Dragon's Fury faction was popular for it's ability to get into place fast, hit and get out again. In addition, the Dragon's Fury faction was the first faction to receive a Limited Edition unit in the Sanctioned Tournament series. As time went on, the Dragon's Fury faction would continue to dominate the game with units that regularly gained popularity...M1 Marksman Tank (common and Limited Edition versions) for their improved targeting and armor-piercing, the DI Schmitt Tank...the most deadly tank in the entire game, SM1 Tank of the most feared infiltration units prior to the Infiiltration rule change, LE and unique Locusts for their ability
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