Medal ribbon bar USMC Sampson Byrd Antarctic Arctic USN long service Spanish

WWII/Pre WWII era 2 place Wide style USMC/USN open catch pinback ribbon bar. Ribbons consist of the 2nd Byrd Antarctic Expedition Ribbon and the USMC/USN Sampson Medal. The ribbon bar is an open catch pinback. The ribbons are not sewn on but look to be tacked with some type of glue. The ribbon bar shows signs of wear on a uniform. The ribbons are in the correct precedence for pre-WWII to Mid WWII. The first medal is the ribbon for the Sampson Medal from the Spanish American War of 1898. If the owner placed the correct ribbon on his bar then this has the potential to be quite a historical ribbon bar. That means the second ribbon, dark grey/silver in color might be the Arctic/Jeanette ribbon. This would narrow the research considerably as the Jeanette medal was awarded to 33 members. Finding out who was around during the time of the Spanish American War earning both medals would require some research.

The other possibility is that the silver ribbon is the 2nd Byrd Antarctic Expedition Medal was for service in Antarctic with Admiral Byrd from 1933-1935. The medal was first issued in 1937. A total of 57 medals were known to be issued, USN, civilian and USMC personnell. Due to the fact that these ribbons were tacked on and not sewn I suspect that this bar was relegated to the Ditty Bag for the duration. Some have debated that
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