Medical Antique? Phlebotomy fleam and bleeding stick

Offered are two great items for collection and display. A fleam and a bleeding stick. The fleam is made of either steel or iron- Im not exactly sure - and is metalic gray in colour. Some poc marks and scratches are evident throughout the fleam but it is in very good condition. the blade is Stamped D&M and has a modest floral motif as seen in the pictures. The fleam is mounted on to an animal horn and folds into it with great ease.
IMPORTANT NOTE: T is a hairline fracture in the horn handle wich is approximately 13.38 mm long. It is nearly undetectable to the naked eye, and certainly very hard to see in the images. This fracture does not detract from the beauty or presentability of this item. Never the less, it is t, and I would urge caution while handeling this item.
Approximate measurements of the Fleam:
Total ength when open, from tip of fleam to butt of handle : 124.47 mm Total length when closed: 72 mmweight: 28.5 grLength of blade:63.15 mm Thickness of blade at widest point : 2.5 mm Width of horn handle at widest point : 37.95 Thickness of horn handle at widest point : 15.93 mm
The bleeding stick is made of wood (not sure what kind of wood this is - but it's very pretty). Over all condition of the stick is very good - no chips or cracks. Some sporadic dings of uniform shape and size evident on
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