Medicine Shield Shoshone Lg 24x28" Native American #2

This is an authentic, Native Amerian item.

Made by Harry Duran, who is a member of the Shoshone Windriver tribe in Wyoming, and his wife Barbara, (Cherokee) who weaves the dreamcatcher portion.

Big, bold and beautiful, this Shoshone style medicine shield is made on a large 19" diameter metal hoop, wrapped in golden leather.

There is a smaller 15" hoop strung within the main hoop, covered completely in leather and soft gray rabbit fur.

Two handmade 30" arrows with chipped gray stone arrow heads & hand fletched feathers criss- cross the hoop.

Over all this, Harry has hand crafted and many delightful items to it, making it a unique and one of a kind display.

Top quarter: a nicely feathered 3" dia. hoop dreamcatcher, a huge 3" imitation bear claw and a white 7.5" bone (antelope) spear tip.

Left side: a 4x2" leather medicine bag with fringe all around with an abalone shell button.

Right side: A handmade red eared turtle shell rattle with mink fur wrapped on the wooden handle

Bottom Quarter: a very well made Medicine wheel with braided leather on a 6" dia hoop.

Many Brass beads and green glass crow beads adorn the piece on the leather hanging fringes.

Overall, the hanging dimensions of this piece are approx. 24 inches wide and 28 inches
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