Medieval Silver Garnet gemstone Ring

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Garnet Silver Ring !


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You are bidding on a very rare ancient Medieval Night Garnet Silver Ring!

This particular Night Garnet is almost black with a slight shimmer of burgundy in high light conditions; truly a unique gemstone!

Ancient jewellery, from those examples that have survived, prove to be a trove of imagination and variation. In ancient days, jewellery distinguished an individual in many ways. Rings represented the language of social code and portrayed one's standing like no other piece of jewellery. Under the Empire, a ring was considered a privilege of military distinction (in Roman times) and of Betrothal or Promise (in the Byzantine to Medieval periods). Bracelets were a pure form of decadence and wealth. During all of the ancient past, rings and bracelets signified a position of dignity and wealth.

It is unfortunate that the "popular" jewellery of today is manufactured by production lines with no significance or importance. All too many jewellers of today
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