Medium Egyptian Bastet/Bast Cat Statue - Soapstone

Hand Detailed Egyptian Bastet (Bast) Cat Statue

Intricate detailed markings


19 cm tall (7.5 inches )

The Egyptian cat-headed goddess Bastet (Bast) was a solar and war goddess. Originally, she was a protector goddess of Lower Egypt and was viewed as a lioness. As a protector, she was viewed as the defender of the Pharoh. She later become thought of as the goddess of perfumes, and ultimately was seen as more gentle and was depicted as a domestic cat, rather than lioness. She was regarded as a good mother, and was sometimes depicted with numerous kittens. Cats in Egypt were highly revered because of their ability to protect food supplies by killing rats, vermin, snakes, cobras, etc. Tfore, Bast become the patron of cats.

Soapstone bast statues are made of crushed soapstone, mixed with resin, molded, and then hand finished/detailed.

We are Uniquely Egyptian!

Our products are 100% Egyptian and made in Egypt. Each piece is individually hand finished/detailed.

Add a unique conversation piece to your home or give a one-of-a kind gift. Enjoy the beauty, pleasure, and conversation of a piece of unique Egyptian, Pharonic history.

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