Medium Wood Stash or Puzzle Box from Transylvania

Beautiful brown puzzle box with hand carved design. This puzzle box was completely handmade by craftsmen in Romania, in a village outside of Cluj-Napoca. The production and sale of these boxes, provides for an entire family.
What is a puzzle box? A puzzle box, is a jewelry or trinket box that requires certain movements to open it. It is a fun gift for the whole family, especially when you dont show the recipient how to open it right away. It is also great for stashing away things that you dont want other people to get into...
The style of this puzzle box is called a "Hungarian Puzzle Box" and it is a folk art item that pays cultural tribute to the Hungarian influence on Romania. (Especially the region of Transilvania).
PLEASE NOTE!!! I have already imported this item, so it ships FROM U.S.A.
Dimensions of Box
Length 4 1/5 inches
Width 3 1/4 inches
Height 2 3/4 inches
Dimensions of space inside box
Length 3 inches
Width 1 5/6 inches
Height 1 inches
***BE AWARE*** I sell this item in three sizes! This is the middle size of the three!!!
ALSO NOTE: This item is discounted ($30.00 instead of $32.00 because it is slightly imperfect, the imperfection is aesthetic only and the box works perfectly. Please see pictures #4 for imperfection)
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