*MEET STEVE VAI !!* upcoming 2007 TOUR meetNgreet PASS!

Greetings, fellow Steve Vai fans!!

This self-adhesive-backed fabric patch came inside my copy of Steve's latest album, Sound Theories Vol. I & II . It entitles the owner to one(1) admission to a "meet n' greet" at any location of the upcoming 2007 tour.

It is my understanding that a very limited number of these passes are being given away at ramdom in the 1st issue of this release, and although Steve is my favorite guitar player, (AND the new album he will be supporting sounds FANTASTIC,) the tour will not be coming anyw close to us. If you would enjoy owning an autograph, why not get one in-person? This guy has stories to tell! From touring with Frank Zappa, David Lee Roth, Alcatrazz, and Joe Satriani-- to contributions on albums by greats such as Alice Cooper and Ozzy Ozbourne, (to name just a few,). The winner of this auction will actually get to meet the MAN, the LEGEND...

PLEASE NOTE-- This pass does not include your seat for the show! You will have to buy your actual concert ticket. Also: the album under the pass in the photo is not part of this auction and is not for sale.

Wish I could be t!! GOOD LUCK!!