Mega Bloks Pro Builder Monster Trucks 9758 Purple Black 575 pcs

Here's a Pro Builders Monster Truck Building set from Mega Bloks.
I have not put it together but I did count all the pieces and it is complete and ready to go, with the exception of the stickers. Some of them are off the sheet, some of them are stuck to blocks already.
I am a bit of a picker, my grandmother is a hoarder due to her love of shopping and I did inherit the shopping gene. So, I offer my great buys here on eBay. You'll find a little bit of everything. And while I do not smoke or have pets, for the most part I am not the original owner of the items I list, and therefore I can not make any promises on that front. I am very sensitive to those smells and do not buy if it's strong smelling.
That also means that I do not know everything there is to know about what I buy. For whatever reason folks seem to think I should and I'm sorry but I just don't. I also do not have the time to take a week and learn about one toy that you think should do something and it's not. If you WANT that item, you figure it out and ask me nicely and simply and I will see what I can do for you.
Remember, we can not tell one's tone of voice on an email. What you give is what you get :)
If you are a picky person that is going to nit-pick everything please do NOT buy from me! This does not mean don't ask me a question, this
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