Mega Rare Lillian Nordica Coca Cola Paper Bottle Sign

This is one of two old deteriorated paper signs I have listed,this one being the larger size of the two,both have seen better days and have damage,still its a Mega Rare Drink Carbonated Coca Cola In Bottles 5c Paper sign with Lillian Nordica standing with a Straight Sided Paper label Bottle of Carbonated Coca Cola sitting on a pedestal to her right side.During 1904 Lillian Nordica was shown most often with a flair glass of Coca Cola,but right at the end of 1904-1905 when Carbonated Bottles were introduced,a change was made in the later part of the year which shows her with the Bottle instead.Super Early Script Writing with the words at the top in elongated tails and curves sweeping across the actresses head in a roller coaster fashion.Beautiful detail,with trademark located below the tail.As many collectors know Lillian Nordica was used in many early items such as calendars,bookmarks,Cardboard signs and Glass and Celluloid signs,most all have the flair glass which is the 1904 date..The 1905 Tray however shows this later transition into the Carbonated Straight Sided Bottle version,as shown on page 322 in Petretti's 11th Edition.This would make this a very Rare Paper sign for any collector and is still mounted loosely in an early 1900's frame under glass,as shown in the pics,but it has seen better days,and the buyer may want to replace ... read more