4"Megalodon Shark Teeth Awesome Blue w/Black " V"at Tip

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100% Authentic North Atlantic Megalodon Fossil.

Sellers Choice Beautiful Color & Shape.

This Megalodon is Black & Blue. A High Quality, Beautiful Tooth. The Tooth was Polished by a method similar to a method used to Polish Diamonds. It is so Glossy you can see reflections when you look at it. The Tooth is Smooth as Glass. WHEN I SAY SMOOTH AS GLASS I MEAN IT ! This Tooth HUGE ,is Very Thick, Very Heavy, Tappers Down Fantastic, has a Fine Curve Upward, a Very Sharp Pointed tip, Colors that are Fascinating, A Superb Shape & a High Glossy Finish. My Description comes from what I am looking at. The Pictures will show you much more. The Fine Shaped Huge Root is Black. A Fair bourlette. The Front is Smooth Light Blue with Darker Blue Lines. Edges are Trimmed with a Black Line is thin down the tooth till it is a Big area at the Tip. T is Black above it at the tip Makes a "V" Shape. Darker Blue Trims the Black. T is a Good Looking Curve
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