MEGO BASA PERU Vintage Six Million Dollar Man El Hombre Nuclear MIB Figure Box

Thanks for reading on and loving the BASA MEGO. There are only five known boxed examples in the world at this time. You can have 20% of them. :-)
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This is a truly wonderful figure in our hobby.
MEGO had contracts with BASA in Peru during the late 1970s and early 1980s. Together they made four action figures: Batman, Robin, Superman and Six Million Dollar Man (known as El Hombre Nuclear). The body is different from the USA-released MEGO. It is pinker, lighter and a bit more delicate. The head sculpts are unique to Peru, as are the clothing and accessories. You can read all about the wonderful MEGOs from Peru here:
In this listing, you will receive the 100% original vintage and rare EL HOMBRE NUCLEAR in his original box. He is wearing his vintage red shirt and pants, and has black boots. The box does not have a cellophane window, but does include the original insert. The cardboard parts of the box are all present. The body torso is stamped "7211" and the neck is stamped "BASA". The figure is twist tied to the box insert with original twist tie.
You can see the dirt and mildew developed on the box insert. It has not changed/shifted/grown since I have owned this piece. I have left the spots 'as is' because they have not become a problem.
Please inspect
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