Meito "Foreign" China Demitasse Expresso Tea Coffee Set

I do not mean to be confusing with the title of this auction, but I am not quite sure exactly what the proper name of this set is! I am also not sure of its age, but it belonged to my mother who passed away nearly 30 years ago. Based on that, I am estimating that it is at least 40 or 50 years old. I do know that my mother used this set frequently. If my memory serves me correctly, sometimes she would use it to serve coffee with dessert after a meal, and sometimes she would use it to serve tea. The set consists of a seving pot with a lid, a creamer, a covered sugar bowl, four cups, and five saucers. The motif is black and gold on a cream colored background. The handles and finial of the sugar bowl, the creamer handle, and the cup handles are trimmed in heavy gold. The rims of the saucers are also trimmed in gold. This set has been sitting in my china cabinet for years, and I just noticed that the serving pot does not EXACTLY match the other pieces. Although it is shaped the same, t is not the detailed intricate design in the middle area of the pot as t is on the other pieces. Also, the handle is not gold, but the finial on the lid is. I wanted to point this out for accuracy. Since these pieces were hand painted, perhaps the serving pot was not finished when it left the factory!!?? The serving pot is approximately 8" tall; the creamer ... read more